Types of Clients

The sex industry has exposed me to some very unique and interesting people. This post has been co-written with a good friend of mine, where we have categorised the different types of clients we have come across in the industry.

White Knight - The guy who saves you from prostitution and all those other dirty clients (despite the fact that he found you on an escorting website). If they are wealthy, they will buy you expensive gifts and talk about luxury houses and cars to try to persuade you. Will often tell you that you are too smart or beautiful throw yourself away to prostitution (although it's perfectly ok for him to visit them).

FOMOnger - Squeezes every minute out of a booking and has to run through every single service. Spends half a day going over every single detail of what is likely going to be a 30 minute booking.

Bargain Hunter- Enquires about making a booking. Asks you for your prices, despite them being listed on the website where he found your phone number. Proceeds to play dumb and corrects you on what he thought your prices actually were. Asks you to do a better price regardless. If you are desperate enough to make a booking with this guy, he will 'miscount' the notes or claim that he only has 'your booking rate minus X' amount on him. Asks for a partial refund because he finished too quickly (excuse me, but you're asking for a refund because I did my job too well?) Often wears a heavy aroma of spice and BO.

1 Hour Pumper - Title says it all. Hard Work. Avoid.

Social Media Creep - Social media profile always displays the 'Online now' symbol. Compliments every post within the first five minutes, constantly slides into your DMs and gets impatient if you don't reply. Extremely needy even though he has no intention of ever booking you.

The Ghost- One of the greatest mysteries known to mankind. Sounds genuine, sets up a booking and may even pay the deposit. Everything seems normal until he disappears into oblivion when the booking is supposed to start and never hear from him again.

The Cuckold- Supports your choices as an escort and offers to drop you off and pick you up at bookings. Probably wanking in the car while you're fulfilling his cuckold fantasy. Asks for intimate details of what happens during your bookings.

The Casanova- The dudes who just have to give an orgasm otherwise their ego can’t handle it. Will later on gloat about how many (*cough*fake*cough*) orgasms they gave the escort on a punter review site.

The Ideal Client- Creates a booking and sends a deposit within less than five messages. Doesn't question your rate and gives the correct cash upfront upon punctual arrival. Freshly showered with a hint of cologne and fresh breath. Dick doesn't stink. Doesn't push boundaries. Leaves on time.

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