The Rise of Jasmine Gray

While Jasmine Gray has existed for merely a year, my journey into this world actually began three years ago. I will modify some minor details of this story for my privacy and discretion, but the story as a whole is real.

During my second last year at university, one of my friends confided with me about their experiences as a Sugar Baby. Like a lot of students, I was struggling to pay my bills while working two casual retail jobs (which were very unreliable income sources) on top studying full time and having zero social life (my sex life was also non existent). My friend, on the other hand, had her rent and bills covered and had an exotic trip lined up at the end of the year. All paid for by her Sugar Daddy.

Naturally, I thought 'why not give this a try- what's the worse that can happen?'. That evening, I signed up to Seeking Arrangement, made a profile and the inboxes began flooding in. I won't go too much in detail about the dates I went on- because that's a blog post on its own, but overall I found the site a lot of work for very little reward. This is when I started thinking about more time efficient ways to use my sexuality to my advantage- so after a quick google search and a few emails, I had then signed up to one of Melbourne's most popular escorting agencies.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I would become an escort. I come from a very conservative family and it has never even crossed my mind to make an income from such an unconventional industry.

Working with an agency is very different from private work. I did not enjoy it at all. The agency I worked for had a strict 10 hour minimum shift, starting at around 7 or 8pm. It doesn't matter if you only have one booking for the night- you are still required to be at the office for the full 10 hours before you can leave. I found that working the night and then having classes starting at 9 or 10am the next day impossible. There was a lot of pressure to work and I had severe burn out. Not to mention, the 50% cut on our earning and numerous incidental fees that went back to the Agency. I only lasted about two weeks before cutting ties. I had thought about trying to work privately, but I have always been academic smart- but not so street smart- and with no friends to mentor me, I couldn't see it ending well.

At that point I had decided that sex work just wasn't for me and went back to my casual jobs. I logged onto Seeking Arrangement to deactivate my account and leave this world for good when I noticed some messages from a very cute guy (let's call him James), that sounded very interesting. My reply eventually lead to a 2 year arrangement, where he supported me throughout the rest of my time at university and even took me travelling with him. James had been involved in the escorting industry- he had a lot of friends and often told me his stories which I enjoyed listening to. I reciprocated with my terrible experiences, which we just laughed about.

After I graduated from university, I took up an internship in rural Australia. I was financially comfortable and my arrangement turned onto a relationship. Not long after starting my new job, the distance made the heart wander and our relationship crumbled. I hit a pretty low point in my life. I felt very isolated and lonely- being so far away from my friends and family, and then my lover of two years had left. After feeling so depressed, I negotiated a change in my work roster, and this allowed me to fly back to Melbourne every second week. I was happy to be able to see my friends and family again, but part of me was still feeling empty. Not to mention the flights to rural towns are incredibly expensive and I was finding it hard to afford my travel on my work salary.

This lead me to one last attempt at sex work. This time I was a bit more confident, since my ex had indirectly given me advice on how to manage this industry as a private escort. I have always loved the name Jasmine, and 'Gray' is a slight take on the 50 shades movie, so I made myself a name. I found some photos on my camera roll that showed enough skin to interest my potential clients (which was actually quite difficult, given my traditionally conservative nature) and posted an advertisement. The rest is history, I suppose.

This is just an introduction, and I will detail more about my time as Jasmine Gray in further posts. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@JasmineGray_xx) and Twitter (@JasmineGray_x)!

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