Six Most Commonly Asked Questions

Sex work is not your average, everyday job. I get a lot of curious people who ask me questions about my job. Here are six of the questions I get asked the most:

  1. Do you enjoy being a companion? Of course I do! Although it took me a while to get to this point. Over time, I have become a lot more selective of my clients by valuing my mental and physical health over money. I have also changed my branding a lot over the past year and type of client who contacts me has changed as well. A lot of people aren't aware that sex work is more than just having sex. It can actually be incredibly fulfilling and I feel more like a therapist than a pornstar most of the time. I have even had bookings where there is no sex. Men see me for a lot of different reasons- loneliness, confidence issues, difficult home life, over worked, wanting to be taught how to give pleasure and the list goes on. Believe it or not, this work is a lot more honest and wholesome than the corporate world I worked in beforehand. Of course, like any job, there are moments that I enjoy less, but these are rare. Overall the positives outweigh the negatives, otherwise I would not still be doing this.

  2. Have you ever dated a client? I have. One was a long term relationship that lasted two years and the other was a short term one for about two months. I would be cautious about doing it again. Given how we met, there were always a lot of trust issues and it ruined what could have been a good relationship. But who knows... maybe third time lucky?

  3. Have you ever turned away a client? Not since I have worked privately and been in control of screening my clients. My screening protocol is pretty thorough and I usually filter out the d*ck heads before they can get through my door. I have occasionally had to ask a client to take another shower or finished the booking early if we were both too tired. There's no point dragging on a booking for the sake of filling in the time. I did work very briefly with an agency and the client they sent me to was clearly very intoxicated when he opened the door. For my safety, I cancelled the booking at that moment and left the agency for good that night.

  4. What turns you on the most? Scent! A nice cologne and good hygiene turns me on a lot- even more than appearance. Smell imprints such strong memories as well. I love when I smell that particular cologne on my clothes later on and it instantly brings me back to a moment with that person.

  5. What do you do when you're not in the mood? This doesn't happen often anymore. These days, I understand my limits and only see a very select amount of clients. When I first started, I hadn't learned what these limits were and I often burned out from accepting too many bookings. I felt bad for the last client of the evening, because I was tired and probably very robotic! I also have gained quite a few regular clients. New clients drain a lot of energy because you're constantly trying to figure out what they like, but it's a lot easier when you already know what makes them tick. I also keep a healthy lifestyle which helps give me energy to do my bookings. If I'm really not feeling up to it, I would just reschedule but this would be very rare (as I can't stand flakes, so I wouldn't want to be one myself).

  6. How do you become intimate with someone you're not attracted to? There is something attractive about everyone. I care less about physical appearance and more about who they are as a person. The only piece of information I have to judge a client on is how they communicate when they send their initial enquiry. Unlike most dating apps, I don't have any visuals and I am actually appreciative of this because I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people who I would not have met otherwise.

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