My Favourite Things About Being a Sex Worker

I have been working in this industry for around a year now, and while my experience is rather short compared to some girls, it's enough to have learned about it. There are a lot of incentives to be a sex worker, but they also come at a cost. I have listed my top five favourite things about being a private escort. In my next blog post, I will be following with my five least favourite.

1. Financial Freedom- I think this one is fairly obvious. There is a fatal flaw in human anatomy, that when a man's c*ck is hard, all blood flow from his big brain diverts into his little brain, leaving his wallet open and vulnerable. Sex work pays bloody well. For me, it meant that I could work fewer hours and focus more on my studies. Now that I have left university, it allows me to live a better quality of life. I get to live alone in a nice apartment (gone are the days where my housemate eats my cheese and uses my salon shampoo instead of her home-brand one), I have a lot more freedom to travel and I can purchase the items I need to enjoy my hobbies. I am debt free, and I no longer have to stress about paying my bills (but I still hate them). Overall, it has given me a slight head start in life and achieve financial goals that would not have been possible without this work.

2. Flexible Hours- While I haven't fully embraced the ability to work whenever I want (I have kept my day job), I still appreciate that I am not completely committed to this work. If I wake up and decide the weather is perfect for a beach day- I just switch my phone off and enjoy myself. It's not that simple when you are committed to a 9-5; you are required to work whether you want to or not. Fortunately, men get horny at any hour of day, so you can also choose the hours you wish to work. I am generally a day/morning person (so don't bother with the 3am phone calls), but if you prefer to work at unconventional times of the day or night, then that's perfectly fine.

3. Experiences- I often see my high school colleagues posting photos of shiny rocks on their fingers and celebrating a 30 year slavery to a mortgage broker, yet I have taken a more unconventional approach to life. I too, once believed that success is a stable job, a house, a husband and a child. Instead, my clients have provided me with some of the most wonderful experiences at such a young age. I have accompanied my clients to beautiful islands, most luxurious resorts and the best restaurants. I understand that these are the superficial experiences, but the best experiences, in my opinion, are emotional and physical encounters I receive. The laughs, the memories, the wisdom, the cuddling and the kissing. Even something as simple as a client picking a rose out of his garden for me. I know that a lot of you will think 'yeah but it's all just temporary and fake'. Even if it is, I am the happiest I have ever been and the memories I have created will last a life time.

4. The People- Most of my clients are a fair bit older than me, but I have found that the experienced lovers generally understand a woman's body, feedback and emotions better than the younger lovers I had met previously in my Tinder days. I also find that the older men that I see as an escort usually appreciate me for more than my body. Contrary to what a lot of people assume, my job is more than just sex. Some days I am a sex therapist. Other days I am a story teller. Some men just want to be appreciated and cuddled. Others want a travel companion. Every experience is incredibly unique and different. Before escorting, I lived an incredibly sheltered life in a tiny social bubble, but because of the vast array of people I meet in this job, I have learned so much about the world.

5. Body Confidence- Now, this may be a little hard to imagine, but I was once that awkward, geeky teenager with acne and braces. Yep, I had it all. I was too shy to wear clothes or beach wear that showed too much skin. I would wear board shorts and a t-shirt to the beach. My daily attire was black jeans and a hoodie. God, these memories are making me cringe! Gradually as I got older, I became more comfortable in my skin and wore dresses and singlets but it wasn't until I became a sex worker that I actually embraced and started loving my naked body. When I first signed up to my first escort website, I didn't have the money for a photo shoot and I had only 3 photos of me in a bikini on my phone to use for my advertisement. I hated photos. Especially with my belly, bum and thighs exposed. Now I have hundreds of photos of myself in tiny dresses, sexy lingerie and tiny bikinis and I feel excitement for photo shoots rather than dread. I know confidence and self love should come from within, but the encouragement I get from my clients and peers has played a huge part in improving my self esteem.

I hope this has given you a bit more of an understanding into why I chose to stay this industry. Be sure to check out my next blog post where I will be talking about the things that aren't so crash hot about my role as a sex worker.

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