Looks, Age and Dick Size- What Escorts Really Think

One of the most common judgements I receive as a Sex Worker is ‘Ew... you probably have sex with old, fat and ugly men. You poor thing.'

I will admit before my escorting days, physical attractiveness was a high priority when it came to the guys I dated. And consequently, my relationships always seemed to fail. It wasn't until I became an escort, where it was necessary to be intimate with guys that were not my usual type, that my preferences changed.

(He's) Got the Look

Do escorts prefer attractive clients? The simple answer is no. Most Sex Workers would agree that the less attractive clients are often the ones who will actually treat us better. I tend to find they are more grateful to spend time with a woman who may be out of their league in the real dating world. They also don't take women for granted and make more of an effort to impress.

I would rather a client who looks like Mick Jagger but pays in full without complaint with an odourless cock and brings me choccies over a Brad Pitt with a smelly dick and wants ALL the services, four rounds and only has $50 on him. Just like other industries, such as retail and hospitality, we appreciate clients who make our job more pleasant, although I don't know if there is a Sex Worker equivalent of spitting in annoying customers' soft drinks.

I'm Getting Older Too

Age is another barrier that clients believe escorts screen for. When I first started in this industry, I will admit that I initially had a lot of trouble getting over the mental barrier of sleeping with older men. It's just how society has constructed our minds. But I quickly realised after a bit of experience (and from talking to other escorts), older clients are just as valued as younger ones.

In my experience, I have found older clients tend to make longer bookings (often a dinner date, overnight or weekend) and there is usually a lot more conversation and emotional connection. Whereas bookings with younger clients tend to be more sexually adventurous, high intensity and for shorter periods. I honestly love the variety and it is part of what makes this work interesting and exciting.

Mr Big

If I had a dollar for every time a client with a big dick asked for preferential treatment, I would be retired already. At the end of the day, this is work for us. The more clients we can see, the more income we can make. After seeing Mr Horse Dick (who wants a freebie), it's possible I could be too sore to see anyone else for the rest of the day. So essentially (had I granted him that freebie) I could have made zero dollars for the day. I'm sorry, but your big dick doesn't pay my bills.

Just like attractiveness and age, size is something else that Sex Workers couldn't care less about. Our job is to make you feel confident and positive, no matter what your shape or size.


Often there is a disconnect between what the client thinks is a priority and what escorts actually care about. Escorts appreciate hygiene (bad breath, rank smegma and BO are eww), respect, no money issues or pushing boundaries and just not being a general cunt.

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