How to book an Escort

So, you're crawling out of this isolation period with quite the 'itch' and your hand isn't giving you the release you need. You've scouted out a few websites, flooded with images of beautiful women who could be at your doorstop in an instant. The excitement is picking up, but where do you start? There are a few key things you need to be aware of before picking up the phone to avoid being disappointed.

Do your research!

The first step when booking an escort is to verify that the girl who will be rocking up at your hotel is the same girl who is being advertised. I honestly have no idea why Escorts or Agencies create fake profiles. I am far too lazy to do my hair, makeup and then travel to my clients location, only to be rejected because I am not a 5'8 brunette with a DD bust. But it does happen.

Professional photoshoots are honestly one of my favourite parts of being a Sex Worker. To transform into a cover girl on a magazine is an incredible ego boost, but it can also be deceiving for the client. Unfortunately, I don't own a real life airbrush or clone stamp tool, and neither do any other Escorts (because they don't exist). Try to find profiles where the escort has posted a mix of professional and natural shots so you can get an idea of what she will actually look like upon meeting.

Check if the Escort you are looking to book has a social media page. A lot of private workers have social media where they may post more candid photos and perhaps even some videos.That way you can verify they are a real person. It will also showcase a glimpse of their personality (maybe showcase is not the right word for all of them though). You could also verify who they are by checking if she has an Only Fans account. Videos are a lot harder to touch up than photos and it might also give you an idea of what you could get up to under the sheets. There is also an infamous forum called 'Punter Planet' where clients write about their experiences with Escorts. As with any forum, it can be biased and opinionated, so take it with a grain of salt.

Then there is price. I have researched and often wondered why one escort is $500 an hour while another is $1000 an hour. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question. Some workers may offer more services, others may be conventionally more attractive and some may be like your iPhone 11 Pro (a bit of a rip off). Many Escorts offer a few different tiers of services like GFE (girlfriend experience) and PSE (porn star experience). Usually the services within each tier aren't explicitly advertised (due to state advertising legislation), so don't hesitate to ask her what's included to avoid being disappointed.

Booking Request

The next stage is to initiate the booking request. Escorts get a lot of enquiries per day, and if you sound like a c*nt, it'll simply be ignored.

Initiating the request with short messages like 'hi', 'u free?' or 'nice body' is not going to get you brownie points. Imagine if you walked into a hair salon, approached the hairdresser behind the desk and all you said was 'nice hair'. Or if you drove down to your local mechanic, opened up the door to their office and said 'u free now?' Real world etiquette also applies in the sex world.

The first message should sound like a booking enquiry, not chit chat. The more information you can include the better, but still keep it brief. I have been guilty of opening a message that is a few paragraphs long and closing it with the preemption of replying when I have time later. I never do.

You should include your name (alias if privacy is a concern), age (optional- most girls don't care but it's nice to form a picture of who you are), preferred booking time and length (give a few options), booking location (incall/outcall) as well as any other questions you may have (eg included services, outfit requests, no go's). Remember, this lady is taking a risk by trusting a strange man in her hotel room, so the more genuine and respectful you portray yourself as, the more comfortable she will feel about seeing you and the more likely she will accept your booking. The more personalised you write the message the better. Kudos if you mention something that you read off her profile. And please, no d*ck pics. Unless your mission is to get blocked, then by all means- go ahead.

I understand that some clients may message multiple escorts at a time, and writing a quick 'u available' type message may be more efficient. If that's the case, then store a pre-written message in your phone notes (or somewhere hidden if you need to be discrete) and copy and paste it.

Some girls may ask for a deposit. From our point of view, there is nothing more frustrating than booking a hotel, travelling and preparing for the booking only to have the client not show up. It can leave us out of pocket and is very frustrating when that time could have been given to someone else. I understand it can seem risky to transfer money to someone online, but as long as you have done your research and trust that she is reputable, then this shouldn't be an issue.

Prices are generally non-negotiable and it can come across as quite rude to ask. And just because you are good looking and have a big c*ck, that doesn't grant you a freebie. Unfortunately, your big d*ck doesn’t help me pay my bills ;)


Hopefully after reading this, you are on your way to becoming a 5 star client. If you have any suggestions or tips on how to research and contact sex workers, feel free to comment below.

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