How To Avoid Being a Bad Client

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I have a lot of first time clients asking me how escort protocol works, because the process can be quite confusing at first. Sometimes people become 'bad clients' because they try to bend rules intentionally but others do it by mistake. Either way, being a good client will cause the escort to be more warm and open to you and you'll get a much better experience. Here are my top 5 tips on becoming a better client.

1. Avoid money issues- the easiest way to start the booking on the wrong 'note' (pun not intended) is with payment issues. Some examples of this include:

  • Asking for a discount or negotiating rates (this is generally not acceptable in the sex industry)

  • Arriving with the incorrect cash and asking her what she can do for the cash you did bring (which will probably be a kick up the bum and then a push out the door)

  • Not using the right payment method

  • Not paying a deposit when required (I understand some guys may feel hesitant about scams, but if you have done the correct research, there shouldn't be a problem)

  • Dodgy bank transfers. I've been scammed in the past with a fake bank transfer. They will show me the receipt (probably a fake one) without the funds ever hitting my account. If you do a bank transfer, most girls require it to hit their account before the booking begins.

The best thing you can do is to read her rates listed on her website, then confirm her rate when you message her (including any extras) and also check her preferred payment method. Traditionally, cash would be placed in an envelope and handed to her at the start of the booking. Try to hand it to her before she has to ask, and you can ask her to count it to give her confidence it’s the right amount.

2. Efficient enquiries- When you make your booking enquiry, make sure it's concise. Ensure all the relevant details are in the initial text message (such as your name, booking date, time and length, and the services you're after). The easier you make the booking process for her, the more willing she will be to see you. Bonus points if you mention something you read off her profile or make a little joke. It helps you seem more genuine.

Avoid starting the conversation with vague messages like 'hey' or 'you free?'. I personally ignore these types of enquiries, because I find them too open ended and frankly, a bit rude. Aim to finalise a booking within about 5-6 text messages and avoid asking too many unnecessary questions. I personally don't mind a little bit of light banter as an ice breaker. It helps me feel more comfortable to see the client (yes, we get nervous too!) But try to be respectful if she's not into it.

Also don't spam her with calls or texts. If she hasn't responded, she's either asleep or busy and the more you harass her, the less she will want to see you, so it's counterproductive. It's best to move onto someone else or go to a brothel that's open to take bookings.

3. Respect her time- this follows on from my previous point about lengthy enquiries. Some sex workers follow a tight schedule and punctuality is important. Try to give yourself enough time to plan your route and include time for incidentals like finding an ATM, parking or elevator issues. The same goes for the end of the booking- don't hang around like a bad fart. If you feel like you need more time, you can always ask to extend the booking but she may already have another client and it's good that you respect this.

4. Hygiene- clients who take care of their hygiene will almost always receive a better service than ones that don't. Funky smelling body parts (dick, mouth or overall body odour) are a big turn off and a lot of girls won't do particular services (like BBBJ, rimming, DFK) if hygiene is sub par. I have sadly even had to turn clients away because of this.

Most escorts require the client to shower at the start of the booking. Even if you think you are clean, it's respectful to do this as part of the protocol. When you shower, use body wash to thoroughly clean your bits, and pull back the foreskin if you have one. And don't forget to wash your butt hole! You'd be surprised how much dingleberries waft around down there. Shaving is optional, but appreciated- especially if for rimming and ball licking.

Most escorts provide mouthwash, but it can be worth keeping some breath mints in your pocket just in case! It could also be worthwhile avoiding heavily odoured foods like fish, garlic or curries just before the booking.

5. Respect her boundaries- If there are particular sexual services you want, you should ask the escort as part of your initial enquiry. Most escorts are comfortable at discussing sexual acts and fantasies (this is our job after all), so don't be shy to ask. If the escort doesn't perform the services you are after, then it's fine to move on and try someone else. It's better to do this than book her and try to convince her later during the booking.

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