Escort Pricing- How Does It Work?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

You may have scrolled through your local escort directory and noticed that the price of an hour of an escort's time can vary greatly. The range can be anywhere from around $200 an hour to over $1000, but what is the price based on? Will paying more give you a better experience?

When I first started out, I also faced the dilemma of deciding what my clients would pay to spend an hour with me naked. I checked out what other girls were charging and due to my lack of experience, decided to set my rate among the lower priced escorts on the site I was using (I believe it was about $400 an hour). My marketing was poor- I was using self taken profile photos, a lack of social media use and was advertising on a cheaper advertising platform. I also decided I wanted to see no more than two clients per day (so that I could maintain my energy levels and give 100% in every booking). At this price, I was able to maintain this client volume I had in mind.

As I started making a bit of money, I was able to invest in better marketing (professional photos, higher class advertising platform, website), nicer in-call locations, more lingerie, costumes and toys and I started using social media. Of course, I also gained sexual experience so I was also able to add more services to my list. I gradually started getting far more enquiries than I could accept. According to the law of economics- what happens when a product or service is in higher demand? You increase the price. So I increased my price until I reached an equilibrium between the amount of enquiries I was receiving and the amount of bookings I was willing to accept.

Now, I know the question you are all asking: does a more expensive escort always equal a better experience? The short answer is no. I have had clients tell me they have seen escorts for over $1000 an hour and had far better experiences with other escorts for half that price. In contrast, I have also had clients pay over $1000 an hour for a companion and say it was worth every dollar.

Why might an escort set their price higher than others? There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, every escort has a different client volume that they are aiming to accept. Some escorts have a full time job or a family and may only want to see a couple of clients a week, so she might set her price higher to decrease volume. Others may be saving up to buy a car and can see multiple clients a day, so she may set her price lower to encourage more clients to enquire so that her overall earnings are higher. Escorts who take care of their physique will generally be able to set a higher price. The location- an escort working out of a 5 star hotel will be able to set a higher price than one working out of a dank motel. And lastly, the services the escort offers. If you're experienced with seeing escorts, you may have noticed that what one escort includes in her Girlfriend Experience (GFE) will be totally different from what another escort includes and their prices will be respectively different. Some girls offer another price tier called a Pornstar Experience (PSE), which includes more kinky fetishes. Some girls provide extras for things like Greek and filming. Unfortunately, there's no industry standardisation for pricing and services. They vary greatly amongst escorts, so it's encouraged to ask her when reaching out for her to avoid being disappointed.

It's important not to become too fixated on the price of an escort as an indicator of the experience. Instead, focus your research on what you're aiming to get out of the experience. Do you simply want to get your rocks off? Are you seeking someone who is engaging both in and out of the bedroom (for a dinner date or weekend companion)? Do you want someone who is dominant and edgy? Or soft and sensual? You can read reviews about the escort to ensure she is going to be worth the value, and that the type of experience she advertises aligns with what the clients receive. Checking out a sex worker's social media profile can give a really good indication of her personality.

Finally, it's important to never negotiate an escort's rate. When you negotiate a house or a car, it's less personal because you're negotiating on an item that someone owns, but negotiating time spent with a person is a lot more personal because you are questioning her own self worth and it can be very offensive. If an escort is outside your budget, then it's better to move on and find another who fits within it. Or if you are particularly fixated in a particular girl, save up the extra money and the experience will feel a lot more worth it.

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