Extended Packages

If you have already been captivated by my long golden locks, toned and proportioned natural body and my luscious lips- you'll be intrigued to know my physical beauty is only the beginning. 

I am a very down to earth and intelligent young lady. I am very open minded- you can tell me your craziest desires, dirtiest secrets and I will be an open ear and listen without judgement. I have a curious soul, and a lot of experiences for someone my age- there is no doubt we will have something in common to chat about. 
If you are intrigued to get to know me more, or simply looking for a companion to try out the latest cocktail bar or your favourite restaurant- this is the perfect package for you. You provide dinner, I provide the 'dessert'. 

Rates (All time is split evenly between social and intimate companionship): 
Express Lunch Date (2 hours)- $900 

Dinner Date (4-5 hours)- $1500

Extended Dinner Date (6-8 hours)- $2000

Overnight (Up to 14 hours, 6 hours rest)- $3500

Please note that the social time isn't strictly limited to a meal. If you there is another way you prefer to spend social time with me, that is perfectly fine. Some ideas include a movie, massage, cocktail bar or a winery.